Blog Articles Top Online Arcade Gaming Sites in Pixel Format Link Exchange that Actually Works Greetings Fellow Arcade Owners!<br /> <br /> Everyone knows that one way links are a good thing. Everyone also knows what a pain it can be to go get them.<br /> <br /> Link exchanging? Even more of a pain making sure that the links stay active, plus Google devalues the link if it's going both ways.<br /> <br /> Every day I see several new threads of people asking for link partners<br />- trying to manage 3 or 4 way links to get the benefit of 1 way links<br /> - but it's a HASSLE!<br /> <br /> I started wondering if there was a way we could automate link exchanges where everyone in the system would get high quality, relevant, 1 way links.<br /><br /> There are several challenges in this process including, but not limited to:<br /> <br /> Keeping quality high<br /> Keeping the exchange fair<br /> Keeping links relevant<br /> Staying underground from Google's prying eyes<br /> Giving publishers a way to check the links they are receiving Links<br /> completely natural in the source code, no different than putting an a tag in hard coded<br /> <br /> I'm happy to announce that we've found the perfect solution for all these challenges and more!<br /><br />Interested in beta testing? Check it out now at <span style="font-weight: bold;"><a target="_blank" href=""></a></span>.<br /><br />The service is 100% free, you have nothing to lose and high quality links to gain!<br /><br />Just register, add your site with some keywords. Add the code to your site and you're done!<br /><br />You'll get one way backlinks from relevant, related arcades to yours. Fri, 24 Jan 2014 03:14:49 GMT Welcome to Pixel Arcades Arcade Sites in Pixels Hello and welcome to where you can find arcade sites in pixels format! We will hopefully have hundreds or thousands of the best arcade sites that you or other people have posted to us.<br /><br />Just hit that add a site button, upload a small logo or image and link for it and hey presto it'll be on the homepage here for the whole world and game hungry players to see!<br /><br />There are thousands of people around the world wanting to play arcade games online 24/7 so by adding your site with an attractive logo you can gain you some extra popularity and players.<br /><br />At the moment all pixel ads are free provided they are no bigger than 100x50px. Anything other than this can be purchased by working something out with us.<br /><br />We hope you enjoy using our site either as an arcade advertiser or arcade game player.<br /><br />Thanks and regards.<br /><br />Mike. Thu, 23 Jan 2014 06:38:27 GMT